Avara Launches The Augmented Reality Business Card

Augmented Reality Business Card.

Scan the Avara Logo and watch it come to life with a 3D Augmented Reality Menu.

From the Augmented Reality menu you can,
1. Visit our Facebook Page
2. Chat with us on Messenger
3. Find us on Twitter
4. Contact us for your business needs on our website.

Download the App and you can use it to get in touch with us if you’d like a similar business card for your business too! Download our logo and scan it on any screen, or print it out and scan it, or just scan the Avara Business card that we have handed to you.
Download our logo here.


Get Your Own For FREE!

Augmented Reality Business Card Free Trial
What do we call you?
Name of the Company for which you want the Business Card. Can be just your name too!
Not Mandatory. It's just the quickest way for us to reach you in case of any issue.
Where do we email you regarding the Business card once it's done
Link to your website or the contact page of your website. Wherever you'd like to send your customers to.
It's the link that shows up in the browser when you click on your profile or page. This will show up on your Business Card.
LinkedIn Profile or Company Page link. We feel this is very important to impress your customers!
It will be www.m.me/(Facebook Page or Profile ID) The Facebook ID is usually what shows up as www.facebook.com/(ID) when you click on your profile or page.
This App will be on the Google Play Store. What would you like to call it?
A Dropbox link or Google Drive link or any URL which is your Logo