Avara Launches The Augmented Reality Money Zombie App

Shock your friends and family with the Augmented Reality Money Hungry Zombie.
Summon the Zombie by scanning a bank note with your phone.

No one is safe from the rat race of the modern age. Our pursuit of materialistic gains have rendered our thoughts and feelings useless to a point where we are all nothing but mindless Zombies chasing gold that we will never reach.

Supported Bank Notes: US$1, US$10, CAN $1, CAN $10, €10, €20, £10, INR 500, INR 2000 or 1 Real
In case it doesn’t work, try flipping the note!

Don’t have money? Don’t worry! You can even summon the zombie from a print out of the note, or even if the note is there on your phone or computer screen!

Once the zombie appears feel free screenshot or record your screen and share with your friends on social media!

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