Avara Launches The TetRus 2D Game for Free

TetRus is a simple puzzle game with no color matching and time limits.
Fill the row or column to break the blocks. It is an additive block puzzle game.
The more blocks you break the more points you will get.
You will surely love this block puzzle mania game .
Place the blocks in 9×9 row and column.This is a classic yet innovative game!

Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age.
Simply Drag the blocks, and fill up all grids.
From now on, let’s enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game!
Once you start, you’ll be hooked.
Most important of all – It’s for FREE!

• Drag the blocks to move them.
• Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the block will be clear and you get the point. Game will be over if there are no room for any of the shapes below the grid.
• Blocks can’t be rotated.
• Don’t worry! No time limits!

• Easy to play.
• Hours of fun.
• No time pressure.
• Unlimited puzzles.
• Family friendly.

Thanks for downloading! 🙂

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