Avara Launches The Virtual Reality Lite (Free) Mobile App

Play 360 Videos or normal videos from your phone or the web, with our ultimate and super stable VR/360 player.

What you can now experience from the comfort of your home:
Sky Diving in 360
Relaxation in 360
Travel in 360
Roller Coaster in 360
Deep Sea Diving in 360
Nature, Safari in 360
Boat Ride in 360
Nature in 360
Music Videos in 360
Live Concerts in 360
Sports in 360
Snow Boarding in 360
Wingsuits in 360
Surfing in 360
Skiing in 360
Motor Sports in 360
Gaming in 360
Movies in 360
Space in 360
NSFW in 360

Travel: Experience the world in 360. Travel to any city from the comfort of your home – New York, Dubai, Sydney, Amsterdam, Experience a Safari in Tanzania, and more!
Flying: Sky Dive, Experience the thrill of flying in a wing-suit while seated anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
Music: Experience Music Concerts in VR and 360. Watch amazing music videos from top artists with the Avara VR Player, from anywhere in the world.
Sports: Football, Boxing, Car Racing, Bike Racing, Extreme Cycling and more all in a truly immersive 360 degree experience.
Underwater: Swim with the sharks: Immerse yourself in diving into the depths of the ocean. See what deep sea diving is all about, or relive old moments.
Space: Ever wanted to know what it feels like to walk around in space, or see a black hole right up close?
Roller-coaster: If you have been too afraid to get on a roller coaster or want to relive the rush of the drop, this app is for you!
Bikes and Cars: Experience what it’s like to drive those insane mean machine. Immerse yourself with the Avara VR player.
Gaming: Experience your favorite games in VR and 360!
Horror: There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of jump scares while you come to terms with your fears. Scare your friends too!

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