Best Mobile Arcade Games to Kill Time 2019

Our smartphones can make our life simpler and productive, but sometimes we need them to kill time, whether it’s a lazy Sunday or an extra dull weekday, or you need to pass time on your daily commute, sometimes you just need to unwind and relax, one of our favorite things to do If you are home alone or have people over, and are looking for ways to entertain, We got you covered! Here are the perfect games to play when bored out of your mind.  

1. TetRus 2D

TetRus 2D is a simple puzzle game with no color matching and time limits.Fill the row or column to break the blocks. It is an additive block puzzle game. The more blocks you break the more points you will get. You will surely love this block puzzle mania game. Place the blocks in 9×9 row and column.This is a classic yet innovative game!

2. Crazy Emoji

The Crazy Emoji Game – Conquer anger with laughter in this fun and addictive game about dodging an Angry

Emoji with a Happy Emoji. Tap and slide the Happy Emoji to move across the and challenge yourself to dodge the Angry Emoji. There is no end to the game, it all depends on your skill and dexterity. How long can you last!? Angry Emojis keep coming and you need to Survive or Escape.  

3. Time Killer

How to Play Time Killer:

Tap a clock when it’s hands are pointing to another clock to shoot. Shoot all the clocks off the screen to progress to the next level.


4. Ziggy Walls

How long you can stay on the ziggy zigzag boom wall? Don’t fall off the edges of the walls. Be careful, tap the ball with close eyes & move your ball intelligently on the cross paths to be the best record holder of the game just by keeping the ball on the zigzag wall line.

HOW TO PLAY THE ZIGGY WALLS CHALLENGE GAME: Tap the ball to start playing. Watch the ball speed and tap on screen to move the ball on another tile. Score reduces every time when it collides the wall on zig zag tile. When the score is zero or the ball falls off, the game is over. Else it is Unlimited FUN!

5. Virtual Reality Lite

Play 360 Videos or normal videos from your phone or the web, with our ultimate and super stable VR/360 player on the Avara Virtual Reality Lite App. What you can now experience from the comfort of your home:
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