Ziggy Walls

Awesome Arcade Game Where You Build A Wall And Try To Not Let The Ball Fall.


If you think you are up for it, then try the Ziggy Walls zigzag game. Master it and show your skills to your friends!
Practice every day this ziggy walls game and compete with your friend & some other peoples from all around the world.
How long you can stay on the ziggy zigzag boom wall? Don’t fall off the edges of the walls. Be careful, tap the ball with close eyes & move your ball intelligently on the cross paths to be the best record holder of the game just by keeping the ball on the zigzag wall line.


Tap the ball to start playing.
Watch the ball speed and tap on screen to move the ball on another tile.
Score reduces every time when it collides the wall on zig zag tile.
When the score is zero or the ball falls off, the game is over.
Else it is Unlimited FUN!

Just tap on screen at the right time to rolling the z ball on zigzag wall and try to get highscore!
You must have played many cool fun games but you will never find them more attractive and addictive like this endless ball runner game.

Remember “Once a winner, always a winner”!!!

The Ziggy Walls Challenge Features:
+ Addictive one-touch cool fun games !
+ One zipzap touch smooth control & ziggy game easy to manipulate
+ Some interesting zigzag game mode
+ Nice sound and graphics
+ Ultra realistic 3d graphics
+ Simple gameplay, just tap and tap.
+ Easy to play, easy to understand, perfect to learn, hard to master.
+ Fun and Free ziggy zigzag game.
+ very Smooth game play control feelings
+ very Easy to play endless ball runner.
+ Best for everyone all kind of ages, (adult,Adolescents)
+ very Easy To Understand User Friendly The ZigZag Wall Challenge.